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Specifications Factory:

Northpoint AH-27F Hand Held CB Radio, 40 Channel AM CB Radio, Amplitude Modulation, Less than 1200 mA Current Drain, 400 mW Audio Output Power, 300 - 3000 Hz Frequency Response, 26.965 to 27.405 MHz Frequency Range, 50 Ohms Antenna Impedance, BNC Antenna Connection, Less than 1200 mA Current Drain, Same as Cherokee AH-27F, +/- 400 Hz max Frequency Tolerance, Greater than 70 dB Image Rejection, Last Channel Recall, 15 Segment Signal Strength Meter, Dual Watch Channel Monitor, Key Lock.

General Information



Manufacturer Part Number


Product Line

CB Radios

Product Name

AH-27F Hand Held CB Radio


40 Channel AM CB Radio

Amplitude Modulation

400 mW Audio Output Power

300 - 3000 Hz Frequency Response

26.965 to 27.405 MHz Frequency Range

50 Ohms Antenna Impedance

BNC Antenna Connection

Less than 1200 mA Current Drain

+/- 400 Hz max Frequency Tolerance

Greater than 70 dB Image Rejection

Last Channel Recall

15 Segment Signal Strength Meter

Hi/Low Power Selection

Dual Watch Channel Monitor

Key Lock

Rechargeable Battery Capability

Channel Scan

Squelch Control

Easy to read digital "Information Center" provides complete operating information including both channel and digital frequency readout click for close up

Proprietary "Battery Life Enhancement Circuitry" dramatically extends talk time.

Five Memory Locations for storing your most used channels.



Power Output AM at 12.0V

High: 4.0 W Low: 1.0 W


Amplitude Modulation

Current Drain

Less than 1200 mA

Frequency Tolerance

+/- 400 Hz max



AM 0.7 uV for 10 dB S/N

Image Rejection

Greater than 70 dB

Audio Output Power

400 mW

Frequency Response

300 - 3000 Hz

Standby Current

35 mA w/o battery save mode



40 Citizen Band

Frequency Range

26.965 to 27.405 MHz

Frequency Control

Phase Lock Loop (PLL) Synthesizer

Frequency Stability

+/- 0.001 %

Operation Temperature

-5 degree F to +140 degree F

Power Source

DC 7.2V to 13.8 V

Antenna Impedance

50 Ohms

Antenna Connection



5 1/2" (H) x 2 1/2" (W) x 1 1/4" (D)


8 Ounces (w/o batteries)

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Cherokee AH 27 / AH 27F handheld modifications

Remove the 4 screws from the rear panel, remove the front cover (be careful not to loose the springs from the battery cover).
You will see some pads to the left of the channel display.
Solder a bridge across the S 07 pads for 120 channels
(these are on the far left at the top)
Solder a bridge across the S 08 pads for 200 channels
(these are on the top to the right of the S 07 pads)

See Illustration Below:



Radio Specs and Modifications for Northpoint AH-27F CB Transceiver:

Northpoint AH-27F


Marketing Information

The AH-27F is a portable, light-weight CB you can carry with you or use in your vehicle. The Mobile-Com circuitry provides the ability to use this radio in a vehicle just like a standard mobile CB radio. The F in it's name stands for frequency, this radio will give you a regular 40 channel read out or the frequency. This makes using the radio a breeze if it's been converted for extra channels. This is the best AM hand held radio on the market today. If you're use to seeing cheap low power units, this model will be a pleasant surprise. Features: Digital information center One-touch emergency channel access Battery life enhancement circuitry Five memory locations 15 segment signal strength meter Hi/low power selection Dual watch channel monitor Key lock Slide-on rechargeable battery system Flexible antenna 40 channel capability Squelch control