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About Us
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  Green Bay, Wisconsin Conditions

Welcome to Wisconsin Michigan CB Radio and Scanner Club!

As of right now we only monitor the air, soon we will be starting coordinated net meetings on specified frequencies that are listed on our Net Meeting News Page, you can access this Page simply by registering on our home page for a Login ID and Password. (You must already be a registered member of the Wisconsin Michigan Citizens Band Radio and Scanner Club in order to obtain a Login ID and Password.)

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Starting in September 2009 the club will be actively monitoring CB Ch-9, as well as all 5 MURS Channels and FRS Ch-1 and GMRS Ch-1 For Emergency Traffic to the best of of our ability in the Green Bay Area and would like any members that would be interested in participating in helping the club expand this area to E-Mail us you' r information of interest, this includes channel monitoring capabilities as well as band capabilities and monitoring availability.

The Club was started as just a group of friends that would go out on a friday night or over the weekend, some of us like my self would sit at home on the base as I had a good location on a hill. We would do fox hunts and other fun games. We also would lend each other a hand in relaying messages for other fellow operators that may have been in distress, Stuck in the mud, snow, broke down on the highway, etc. In the location I lived I could get in and send out a signal up to about 15-20 miles as the crow flies or around 30-45 miles by road. Many times I would be on talking with locals that were just driving around and heard an out of town friend calling for help as there car was stuck or died on them on their way into town on a county road that not a lot of traffic travels on, especially at night. Now many of these friends are gone off doing their own thing and only a small few of us remain in contact and still own and operate on the HF band as well as the newly developed VHF (M.U.R.S - Multi-Use Radio Service), UHF (F.R.S - Family Radio Service), and UHF (G.M.R.S.General Use Radio Service) CB bands.


This section contains some personal information and history about our Club and it's founding members.

[Club President] Robert M

[Handle] Sandman

[SSB Call] 617

[I'm originally from Iron Mountain,MI now living in Green Bay,WI. I've been in the radio hobby now for over 20 years. I currently have two mobile CB Radio's, one Base, and two portables. I also have 3 Portable Scanners including one digital that picks up APCO 25.] 2 mobile 2-meter radios and 1 2-meter base, 1 6-meter base,1 440Mhz base and 1 10-160 meter base (Including 11 Meter).

CB's Include:

Mobile - Cobra 29 LTD Classic Gold Series

Mobile/Base - Uniden President HR-2510

Portable / Northpoint AH-24F (x2)

Base- Kenwood TS-440S (All band/HF)

Mobile/Base Kenwood TP-7850 (2m) (I have more Rig's not listed here at this time Will update as time provides)


Scanners Include:

Radio Shack Pro-94

Radio Shack Pro-83

Radio Shack Pro-96


[Club VP]


[SSB Call




[SSB Call]




[SSB Call]




[SSB Call]


[Board Member] Scott Dolatowski

[Handle] Weekend Warrior

[SSB Call] 747


Below this section in a list of our Club Members and their HF call information:


[Member] Jeff Dortman

[Handle] Ghost Rider

[SSB Call] 275


[Member] Ken Garrard

[Handle] Cargo

[SSB Call] 4326


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