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Green Bay, Wisconsin Conditions
Brown County And WI Radio Frequencies Brown County


Cool and Useful links.

    • Power House Communications. This is two sites in one, There is a comprehensive page of Citizens Band Radio and a comprehensive site on Scanners.
    • Look here for any laws regarding any radio type communications. Very good resource
    • General Menu Reports - FCC Searchable Frequency Database
    • ULS Advanced Search - FCC Searchable License Database
    • This is by far the best DX site on the Web, Be Sure to check it out.
  • This is a good source for scanner information.

    Welcom! Great Weather Coverage for IL,IN,IA,MI,MN,and WI

    Link No longer Active, reported as a Malware Site by kaspersky and Google

    C.B. RADIO SECRET ~ Master Tune Up Manual online sample version.

    U.S. 11-meter Citizen Radio Service: U.S. 11-Meter Citizen Radio Band Extends from 26960 to 27410 KHz. U.S. CB Channels.

    A link to Michigan's Emergency Frequencies as well as the APCO25 Statewide Network Frequencies list on Radio Also here is a link you Wisconsin's Frequencies.

    A good resource for Armature Repeaters in the Green Bay area as well as PL tones used.

    Kenosha/Racine, WI Area Repeater Club.

    Fast Food Freq's Fast Food Frequencies

    Emcom A good Emergency Communications planning Site, Worth Checking out and making a plan of your own if you do not have one already.

    Radio Mod's from ham.dmz, for almost any two-way radio MFG

    Poor Mans Repeater Poorman's Repeater System for VoIP Radio

    WIFI Hacks and Mods Use a Satellite TV Dish as a WIFI Antenna

    Poor Man's WIFI USB adaptors & DIY antenna


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